.NET Framework required​ min. 4


1. Disable anti-virus and firewall

2. Install: Click'Em + key 

3. Run the program and activate

4. Turn off the program (in tray) – turn on and check if the activation is green

if not – activate the program according to this instruction:

a). Enter the ClickEm folder;

b). Open system / reginfo.dat (right mouse, open with) using any archiver (WinRAR, 7-Zip), find the proof.txt file in it and use the password:




(sometimes you have to rewrite this key manually)

c). Copy the activation key that appears after the line – [6new]: and paste it into the program.


5.Turn off the program (in tray)

6. Install: Click'em



Next: update:


Next: update:



7. Download and replace (remove first – then paste):



whitecheats.txt (whitecheats / whitecheats.txt)


8. Launch the program


10. Adding page – example



Site: www – enter how www is in the name of the page, check in your web browser



Site like: universal scripts, we choose the right one for the site

File script: for some websites, e.g. NteN

User Code: 

nochangehttps; – try to load the site, as written in the "site" field, interpreting it as https
reinithttp; -command to reinitialize the http structure
nochange; – try to load the site as it is written in the "site" field
oldlogin; -old login setting is no longer used, therefore it is placed under the code
answer = otvet; Instead of otvet, type the answer to the security question
standartview; -nastapi attempt to download the page with sponsored links using a standard link
clixgrid; – enable clixgrid
startclixgrid; – including clixgrid before sponsored links (can be used instead of clixgrid;)
bonusads; – including clicking on bonus links (it is not recommended to enable it because I was unable to make this function work normally)
marker; – try to specify the desired inverted image by the marker
nocheckvalid; – enable additional checking of correct answers (not recommended
blankanswer; – if the ad does not contain a captcha, but almost never found it
useunknown; – using unknown parameters, the program will be aborted by default – done to avoid banning
noimagecheck; – the same as skipinvalidimage
skipinvalidimage; – do not stop if the captcha is incorrect
skipinvalidadvert; -Do not stop on the wrong advertising link
skipvisited; – do not stop if the link has already been displayed
onceaday; – the site will click only once a day, disconnect by "not found"
onceadaylog; – the same as "once a day" and saving a log on the page, and time stamp files will be saved in ClickEm \ logs \ once a day \
loginantigate; – captcha transition when logging in through anti-gate
passantigate; – forwarding captcha before links via anti-gate



Browser User Agent – copy yours – check yours







often required
cookies can be saved by going to "Go to site (plugin)"
or enter edit:
in Chrome: Shift + Ctrl + J – write: document.cookie
in Firefox: Shift + Ctrl + K – write: document.cookie – enter – plugin


11. Site captcha

sometimes when logging in you have to enter the captcha manually, you have to set "Wait (sec)" for 15-20 seconds
if you are logged in, you can uncheck this option,



New in

1) plugin v4.20
-Fixed loading of cookies into plugin. It is advisable to delete the cache before using this version
-A couple of settings have been added – "Disable DNS caching" and "Get DNS through proxy".
Disable "Get DNS through proxy" on failed socks proxies, otherwise it will not boot.
It is best to keep both settings enabled when using a proxy.
-Fix loading cookies. Cookies will be set as http by default, but can be changed in the site settings in ClickEm
Fixed date format for loading cookies into plugin
-Reworked exit from plugin for correct completion

2) ClickEm:
-Fixed a bug due to which some images were not loaded
-added flag nodecode [=] true – disable decoding of text in the loaded page / file
on loading captchas will be enabled by default
-partial support for PTC Evolution 5.9.1 (checked at
-in editing the site on the Plugin tab, you can check the "Load site as https" checkbox.
By default, the plugin will load sites as http (cookies are spelled differently).
-Added a choice of color to editing the site, which replaces transparent in captchas (either white or black).